When crafting the Creedverse, the world of my series, The Adventures of Bodacious Creed, and books I plan to write, I aimed to build a rich tapestry of characters that both reflect and shape the world around them. Recently, I wrote a post about three of the strong women of the Creedverse. So, today, we’re looking at three influential men.

James “Bodacious” Creed: A Journey of Transformation


The first of our influential men of the Creedverse is James Creed, the protagonist of The Adventures of Bodacious Creed himself. In conceptualizing James “Bodacious” Creed, I wanted to create a character with an unwavering moral compass, whose personal and professional journey would resonate with readers. From his early days, marked by a defining encounter with a town bully, to his dedicated service as a U.S. Marshal, Creed’s commitment to justice has been the core of his character. Based on the archetype of the wild west gunfighter hero, Creed is a unique character who, unlike many of those heroes and antiheroes, strives to belong.

His pursuit of the elusive Corwin Blake and the subsequent events leading to his unexpected resurrection by his estranged daughter, Anna Lynn Boyd, adds layers of complexity to his narrative. Now, enhanced with steam-era machinery, Creed navigates the world with renewed purpose, resilient and dedicated even when faced with the most extraordinary circumstances.

From his beginnings as a small-town boy with a penchant for the guitar to his current position as a beacon of hope in San Francisco, James Creed’s story is a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the lengths to which one will go to uphold justice and righteousness.

Miles Morgan: The Force Behind Technological Wonders


Miles Morgan’s story is one of vision and enterprise. From his educational pursuits at Transylvania University to the birth of Morgan’s Mechanicals in the heart of New York City, I’ve always imagined him as a beacon of innovation. Morgan’s true gift, however, is not just in his own talents but in his knack for recognizing genius in others. And, while he’s far from perfect, he does treat his inventors well.

His decision to relocate to the West symbolizes the merging of two frontiers, and by collaborating with prodigies like Nikola Tesla and Anna Lynn Boyd, he ensures the continuing advancement of technology. While crafting Morgan, I endeavored to portray a man of ambition and vision but also one grounded in his beliefs and values, making him a multi-faceted addition to the narrative.

Apart from his remarkable business acumen, Morgan’s character stands out due to his unique blend of self-interest and a genuine desire to better society. His support of The California Technological Rights Act and his religious inclination towards Catholicism adds depth to his persona, making him a multidimensional character worthy of admiration and scrutiny.

Morgan’s factories, innovations, and most importantly, his vision, have shaped the Creedverse’s trajectory, ensuring that the world remains forever changed by his endeavors.

Emperor Norton: San Francisco’s Endearing Monarch


In constructing the Creedverse, I couldn’t help but integrate the vibrant real-life figure of Emperor Norton into the tapestry of my universe. His story is both peculiar and heartwarming, a tale of how a society lovingly embraced a man and his unique worldview.

Joshua Abraham Norton, fondly known as Emperor Norton, is not your typical monarch, or truly an emperor at all. His early endeavors in business saw him achieve considerable wealth in San Francisco’s budding real estate market. But, like many before him, Norton faced the volatility of business, and following a failed investment in rice, he encountered financial ruin. However, this setback paved the way for his most notable and endearing identity.

In 1859, Norton proclaimed himself “Emperor of the United States,” a title he would later expand to include “Protector of Mexico.” While this might have been dismissed as the eccentricity of a broken man elsewhere, the people of San Francisco not only humored him but affectionately played along. Businesses accepted his self-issued currency, restaurants fed him for free, and he was a well-respected figure at public events.

While many might remember Norton for his eccentricity, he was much more than a mere character on the streets. On several occasions, he exhibited genuine courage and compassion, like the time he bravely stood between rioters and a group of Chinese immigrants, protecting them from potential harm.

The Creedverse’s Emperor Norton, based on the captivating historical figure, exemplifies the spirit of San Francisco during its formative years, capturing the essence of a community that cherishes individuality and champions the human spirit.


Closing Thoughts on these Influential Men of the Creedverse


As I delve deeper into the Creedverse, characters like James Creed and Miles Morgan remain foundational. Their stories, while rooted in the world I’ve envisioned, are timeless tales of courage, innovation, and the intricate dance between morality and ambition. Through their experiences, I hope to offer readers a rich exploration of the human spirit set against the backdrop of a world where the past and future intriguingly coalesce.

(Note: The images of these influential men of the Creedverse are from my forthcoming Adventures of Bodacious Creed playing card deck, which I’ll sell at conventions and possibly online!)

“I have believed the best of every man. And find that to believe is enough to make a bad man show him at his best, or even a good man swings his lantern higher.” ~ William Butler Yeats