The Mandalorian: A New Giveaway


Do you love Disney’s The Mandalorian?

I sure do, and it bears some big similarities to what I write. Both The Mandalorian and Bodacious Creed are essentially science fiction westerns.

Russell Nohelty and a bunch of authors and creatives, myself included, have co-sponsored a giveaway of Mandalorian swag. And guess what? It’s running right now, during Star Wars Week, 2020! Tomorrow is Star Wars day, May 4, and the next is May 5, or Revenge of the Fifth.

You can enter the giveaway here:


By entering, you’ll have a chance to win a bundle of Mandalorian toys, books, and more. Even if you don’t win the big haul, you’ll get various digital freebies from the contributors later, when the contest is over.

Happy Star Wars Week!


August 21, 2020 Update


While this viral giveaway is over, I’m considering running some in the future. Sign up for my newsletter in the right sidebar to stay informed.

“I’m A Mandalorian. Weapons are a part of my religion.” — Dyn Jarren, the Mandalorian