Virtual FantasyCon 2016: Starts Sunday, October 9!

October 7, 2016

The second Virtual FantasyCon is almost here!


If last year was any indication, this convention should be great for participants and attendees alike.


What is Virtual FantasyCon?


Virtual FantasyCon is a yearly online-only convention, taking place almost entirely on Facebook. Like a brick-and-mortar convention, you can meet authors, artists, cosplayers, bloggers, and others involved in all genres related to fantasy. It spans all subgenres of speculative fiction. In fact, it lasts for eight days (not the usual three or four of most conventions) and each day has a theme.



Here's the breakdown.


  • Sunday, October 9: Epic/Sword & Sorcery

  • Monday, October 10: Sci-Fi/Sci-Fantasy/Time Travel

  • Tuesday, October 11: Fairytale,/Punk

  • Wednesday, October 12: Paranormal/Urban

  • Thursday, October 13: Series/Short Stories

  • Friday, October 14: Dystopian/Apocalyptic

  • Saturday, October 15: Dark/Grim Dark/Horror

  • Sunday, October 16: Children/YA Fantasy


I will have a virtual booth on Sunday, October 9 for Epic/Sword & Sorcery Fantasy, and on Tuesday, October 11 for Steampunk. I am really looking forward to Tuesday, as it will cover all of the punk related genres, including cyberpunk, dieselpunk, and, of course, steampunk.


What's a Booth?


At live conventions, artists and writers often have booths, which consists of a table and space to sell art, books, and meet the public. So, how does that translate over into the virtual world?


At Virtual FantasyCon, each day for the convention will have its own page, which will go live to the public at the start of the day. On that page you'll find a conversation thread for each guest featured that day.


On Sunday and Tuesday, head over to the main page to get a link to the page for the day, and visit my booth. You can ask me about my books, writing, or really anything. I'll post updates throughout the day.


Are There Contests?


Every day, you should see a giveaway or two. The big event, though, is the Blog Hop Hunt. This major event will introduce you to many authors and their blogs. You can enter once per day, and may win an author or artist giveaway!


Want more? Here's the official VFC 2016 flier!




Win a $10 Amazon Gift Card


While this mini-sweepstakes isn't specifically part of Virtual FantasyCon, though I will share it in my booths.


I'm giving away five $10 Amazon Gift Cards! How can you win one? Simply sign up for The Wild Steampunk Newsletter!


On October 15, I will randomly select five subscribers, each of whom will get a $10 Amazon Gift Card. I'll email the winners to confirm their email addresses, and send each a $10 digital gift card. Winners can use that $10 for any Amazon purchase.


Sign up below, or here!




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