Three Very Cute Cosplay by McCall's Patterns: Romantique, Pixie Sprite, and Charm School

December 14, 2017

The Patterns

If there's one word that, to me, describes this week's Cosplay by McCall's patterns, it's "cute." I mean cute as in lovely, adorable, and at least a touch sexy. As with all my pattern reviews, I'll share a few ideas on how to give them a touch of steampunk.



Going for a 20s flapper look, or would you even like to own lingerie from that era? Romantique has you covered. The pattern is for the tops, including a bed jacket and cami top, which would also work well for a wild west soiled dove cosplay. It's cute, sexy, pretty, and puffy, and fun.

Depending on the era you're going for, you could make it more steampunk, or create a dieselpunk look. For steampunk, consider goggles, bracers, and belt with a model Derringer, and low brown boots. For dieselpunk, you might want to add black or green flight goggles, a dark leather vest, suspenders, or dark boots.

As for fabrics, Romantique calls for cotton or cotton blends, lightweight linen, sheers, novelty sheers, lace, and fusible interfacing, plus a variety of notions, including piping and lace trim. Rated easy, this is a great place costume pattern for new cosplayers.


Romantique retails for $14.95 on the Cosplay by McCall's site.


Pixie Sprite


As I mentioned in my last post, I love these fairy cosplay patterns! I think fairies are adorable, and I've enjoyed some great stories involving the fae folk. Pixie Sprite is another lovely fairy cosplay. I can see this as the basis for a courtesan to a fairy queen, or perhaps even the queen herself.

I also love the idea of steampunk fairies in a magical Victorian setting, so add some gadgets, and you're set. Or, you could make a necklace or belt out of gears, something that, perhaps, your character made from the workings in a broken watch. Are you missing your wings? You can add those to this cosplay, thanks to the accessory pattern that I reviewed in my last blog post, Ala Glow.

With all the overlays and ruffles in the dress, this pattern is rated intermediate difficulty. You'll use five contrasting fabrics. McCall's suggests cotton and cotton blends, damask, brocade, novelty fabrics, crinkle, pre-pleated novelty fabrics, novelty sheers, and lining fabrics. Notions include an invisible zipper and eyelets.

Pixie Sprite was designed for McCall's by Ichigo Black, and sells for $15.95.


Charm School


I told you, all these cosplays are really cute. This one recalls Eastern Europe. Charm School has a wintery look for when the weather isn't yet too cold, and includes patterns for the jacket, skirt with suspenders, and neck tie.

The skill level for this is intermediate, and the lined jacket has a notched collar, gathers, cuffs, and more. Fabrics called for include gabardine, cotton, cotton sateen, lining fabric, fusible interfacing, lightweight linen, and lace. For notions, you'll need shoulder pads, two-part eyelets, zippers, broken jewelry or chains, and more. This looks like a fun and creative cosplay project for anyone who gets it.

For the patterns, consider gears or Victorian stitching, which includes swirly flowers, and the like. A Google search for "Victorian patterns" will bring up hundreds of pictures. Likewise, for the chains and broken jewelry, consider using bits that have a steampunk or Victorian feel.

Charm School retails for $15.95.


Coming Soon



Just as I was ready to write this blog post, two new patterns from McCall's came in the mail! I plan to review them shortly, probably next week.

I also promised a review of Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King, and to discuss character-driven stories. I finished the novel a couple of days ago and loved it. In fact, I started reading the next book last night. So, look for that review and writing treatise.



And finally, I'm excited to announce that the audio book version of Bodacious Creed: a Steampunk Zombie Western is coming soon! The narrator, d golden, has just three more chapters to read, and then we submit it to Audible. Meanwhile, you can get a print or Kindle copy of the book as well.

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