Adventure and Beauty: Frost and Edwardian Chapeau Patterns by McCall's

September 14, 2018

The Patterns


I say I'm busy often, because I am, but boy, the last couple of months have been tough! How tough? Moving tough. Yes, my son and have moved. Between looking for a place and packing, these two amazing patterns wound up in a box where I couldn't find them. Yes, that's on me.


In any case, I was happy to find them as we finished our move, and now that we're settled in at our nice new apartment, I'm happy to bring you my thoughts on two new Cosplay by McCall's patterns, Frost and Edwardian Chapeau.




Of these, I admit, Frost is the least steampunk at first look. Instead, it's totally superhero, and I love it. On top of that, the skill level is "easy," and is ripe for customization. Created for Cosplay by McCall's by Seattle Cosplay, you could use Frost as a basis for all sorts of original superheros.


The pattern is for a hooded jumpsuit with a leg holster. Recommended fabrics include four-way stretch knits, moleskin matte spandex, novelty spandex, stretch mesh, synthetic leather, and synthetic suede. Notions you'll need include a 22" invisible zipper, elastic, buckles, and more, all covered in the packaging.


Since this is a more modern, or futuristic, outfit, if you want to make it more steampunk, think of how a steampunk world might develop given another hundred years. Then, add the goggles, the steampunk weaponry, and your own gadgets. Use brown and black basic colors with other colors for accents.


Frost sells for $15.95 on the Cosplay by McCall's site.


Edwardian Chapeau


The era is right in the name in this one, and while steampunk is generally thought of as Victorian-era, it does often cross over into the Edwardian years. Edwardian Chapeau is a pattern for two styles of lined hats, ranging in size from XS to L. Whether you're cosplaying a detective with handy spy gadgets, or a lady attending a fancy and mysterious party, this hat would make a great addition to your costume.


The recommended fabrics include wool bouché, novelty wovens, wool suiting, silk duponi, satin, cotton flannel, and double-sided fusible webbing. Various notions are also needed, such as single fold brass tape, ribbon, flowers, and ostrich plumes.


To give this a steampunk look, add notions with gear-type patterns, and use warm brown colors. Naturally, you'll also want to make sure it matches the rest of the cosplay you put together.


Edwardian Chapeau sells for $13.95 and its skill level is rated as average.





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