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Few speculative fiction authors blend the rustic charm of the Wild West with the eerie allure of the undead and the mechanical intricacies of steampunk as seamlessly as Jonathan Fesmire. Known to his readers and friends as Jon, his literary journey is a blend of imaginative storytelling, meticulous craftsmanship, and a deep-rooted love for the fantastical. Based in Anaheim, California, Jon’s heart lies in the breezy, artistic vibes of Santa Cruz, a place that has significantly influenced his narrative style and creative ethos.

Early Life and Education

Born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, Jon’s affinity for languages and visual storytelling led him to pursue a BA in Language Studies. His linguistic journey didn’t stop at mastering English; he delved into the romantic intricacies of French, a language that added a sophisticated touch to his narrative voice. Further nurturing his creative vision, he earned an MFA in Animation and Visual Effects, a discipline that honed his ability to visualize complex, fantastical worlds and translate them onto paper with cinematic clarity.


Speculative Fiction and The Creedverse

Jon’s unique genre-bending steampunk westerns are laden with zombies and robots. The Creedverse, a term coined for his imaginative universe, is a playground for Jon’s boundless creativity, where the bygone era’s rustic realism meets the futuristic charm of steampunk. His books are not mere narratives but portals to an alternate reality where every turn of the page brings forth an amalgam of suspense, humor, and intellectual stimulation.


Craftsmanship Beyond Words

Beyond the written word, Jon is a maestro of 3D resin printing and painting. His creations range from finely crafted miniatures and figurines to intricately designed dice towers, each piece resonating with the same meticulous attention to detail that is the hallmark of his written works. The tactile aspect of his craft, manifested in these tangible creations, forms a harmonious symphony with his literary compositions, offering his audience a multi-sensory voyage through the Creedverse.


Personal Life

A loving father to Clark, Jon’s life in Anaheim is punctuated with melodies strummed on the guitar, shared with his son. Their shared love for Disneyland and Disney California Adventure brings a touch of magic to their everyday lives, embodying the whimsical spirit that drives Jon’s creative engine.


Aiming High

With goals set high, Jon is on a quest to contribute a book a year to the world of speculative fiction, grow his fanbase, and grace conventions with his presence. His journey is not just about personal or professional milestones but being the best father to Clark, an adventure that Jon cherishes the most.

Jonathan Fesmire is a multidimensional creator whose life is as colorful and imaginative as the worlds he crafts. His journey from the serene shores of Santa Cruz to the bustling heart of Anaheim is a testament to his arrative style, ever enriched by his experiences, his love for his son, and his undying passion for the fantastical.



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