Anna, Daughter of Creed – Coming Soon to Kickstarter 

It’s that exciting time again! I’m preparing for a new Kickstarter campaign for my upcoming novel, Anna, Daughter of Creed. As many of you know, each new project brings its unique challenges and learning opportunities, and this one is no exception. Today, I want to give you an inside look at what goes into getting a Kickstarter ready, from crafting rewards to selecting a narrator, and more.


Inspiration Behind the Novel

The genesis of Anna, Daughter of Creed stretches back to my time working on my MFA in Animation and Visual Effects, originally starting as a 3D modeling project. This led into my novel, Bodacious Creed: a Steampunk Zombie Western, and everything snowballed from there. Now, I have a rich alternative wild west setting for my novels and stories, the Creedverse. Anna emerged as a pivotal character in that first Creedverse novel as co-protagonist alongside James Creed. As I wrote the next two novels, it became clear that Anna’s story demanded its own trilogy to explore the challenges she faced during the events of Bodacious Creed and the Jade Lake and Bodacious Creed and the San Francisco Syndicate.


Setting Kickstarter Goals and Funding Needs

Having run both successful and less successful Kickstarter campaigns, I’ve learned a lot about setting realistic goals and managing expectations. For my previous project, Bodacious Creed and the San Francisco Syndicate, I set a modest goal of $300, which was quickly met and exceeded. Of course, the final pledge amount was much greater, coming in at $1,681. With that experience, I plan to use a similar strategy for Anna, Daughter of Creed.


Marketing and Promotional Strategies


Marketing is crucial for the success of any Kickstarter. I use a combination of social media platforms—Facebook, Threads, Substack, and my newsletter—to reach my audience. I also make TikTok videos and maintain engagement with previous Kickstarter backers by updating past campaigns. The goal with these efforts is to build anticipation without overspending on advertising.


Engaging the Audience

Engagement doesn’t just start with the campaign launch; it’s an ongoing process. I’m currently working on creating engaging content, including a potential video featuring a booktoker who could provide a compelling introduction to Anna’s character. This adds an element of social proof and helps assure backers of the quality and appeal of the novel, especially from a perspective that validates my ability to authentically voice female characters.

Managing Kickstarter Logistics

Running a Kickstarter involves meticulous planning, from setting up the campaign page with engaging text and pictures to coming up with the reward tiers. Rewards for Anna, Daughter of Creed will again include unique items like a specially designed deck of playing cards, which have become a signature part of my campaigns. Essential tools for this phase include graphic design software for creating appealing visuals and spreadsheets for tracking funding goals and expenses.


Advice for Aspiring Kickstarter Creators

To anyone considering a Kickstarter for their project, my advice is simple: go for it! Platforms like Kickstarter offer a fantastic way to gauge interest, build community, and fund your creative endeavors. From my experience, starting with a clear plan and a modest goal can lead to surprising and inspiring results. Kickstarter has instructional videos, and you should check out similar projects for ideas.


Looking Ahead

While I have yet to decide on the exact launch date for the Kickstarter of Anna, Daughter of Creed, preparation is in full swing. I am working on the video, page text, and rewards, and you can expect a follow-up soon with more details, including the official launch date.

Kickstarter campaigns are like a rodeo, full of activity, surprises, and excitement. Each one teaches me something new about the process and about my audience. I see Anna, Daughter of Creed as a doorway into a world where the struggles and triumphs of a formidable woman take center stage. I’m thrilled to bring you along on this journey.

Stay tuned! As always, thank you for your incredible support and enthusiasm—it’s what makes this journey so rewarding.

“When I look at Kickstarter, I see small businesses that have been funded by their customers. I see the acceleration of this shift away from the industrial manufacturing ideology to more of a maker economy. And I also see an idea so powerful that the company name has become a verb.” – Om Malik