A New Beginning


A quick confession: I have not done the best job at branding my blog. I admit it.

This was formerly The Wild Steampunk Blog. While for the foreseeable future I plan to write steampunk westerns in my unique setting,the Creedverse, I think it was a mistake to make my blog almost solely about steampunk. Yes, I’m an aficionado of the genre, but I am a geek first. As such, I’m into all sorts of speculative fiction. My blog should reflect that.

So, this is simply Jonathan Fesmire’s Blog. Not as catchy as the last name, I know, but it gets right to the point.

I recently moved my site from Wix to Dreamhost. Wix was getting too expensive, and I thought it a good idea to finally move to WordPress. I did attempt to move the former blog here, but, well, Wix doesn’t make that easy or even possible, as far as I could tell, so we’re starting afresh.

However, there are still many interesting posts in that blog, and I encourage you to check it out! I’ll keep The Wild Steampunk Blog online as long as possible. You’ll find cosplay pattern reviews, Bodacious Creed news, interviews, and a lot more. This is a new beginning, but I’ll also be moving at least some of those old posts to this blog.

I feel like I should give everyone a brief update about what’s been happening since my last blog post. So, here goes.

I created a WorldAnvil site for the Creedverse. Some information is available to the public and more is available to anyone who supports me on Patreon. If you’re a patron and have read Bodacious Creed: a Steampunk Zombie Western, even more information gets unlocked for you.

I’ve been learning much more about the self-publishing business and decided to turn what was going to be the sequel to Bodacious Creed into two books. So, I’m currently outlining Bodacious Creed and the Jade Lake and Bodacious Creed and the Frisco Syndicate. I also have ideas for other series related to The Adventures of Bodacious Creed that I think fans will love.

I’ve done a lot of research, I’ve set up my series bible, and I have plans for the next couple of books. I foresee things picking up now and moving quickly. 

That’s it for now! I have a lot to get done today, including more outlining. Stay busy, everyone.

“Either write someting worth reading or do something worth writing.” –Benjamin Franklin.