Including Ethnic Diversity in the Creedverse, my Weird West Alternate History

As the author of the Adventures of Bodacious Creed trilogy and the architect of the Creedverse, I’m driven by the desire to create a world that mirrors the rich, cultural diversity of the 19th-century American West. This alternate history steampunk universe is both a backdrop for thrilling adventures and a vibrant world where the stories of people from varied ethnic backgrounds interweave. Let’s now explore ethnic diversity in the Creedverse.

Crafting a Reflective Narrative

In the Creedverse, characters like James Creed and Anna Lynn Boyd, while being white, are integral to a narrative that celebrates diversity. They interact with, and are often influenced by, a variety of characters from different ethnicities, which adds layers to their own stories. Creed’s resurrection and transformation challenge the traditional notions of life and death, while Anna’s journey from a tragic childhood to a technological pioneer in a male-dominated society underscores themes of resilience and breaking barriers.


The Heroes


James Creed: His transformation from a U.S. Marshal to a mechanically enhanced investigator after a tragic demise reflects themes of rebirth and redemption. His character arc, crossing the boundaries of life and death, adds a unique dimension to the traditional Western hero.

Anna Lynn Boyd: Anna’s character is a brilliant blend of intellect and emotion, showcasing a woman’s ability to navigate and conquer the challenges in a male-dominated field. Her inventions and leadership at The House of Amber Doves underline the theme of female empowerment in an era where such notions were rare.

The Villains and Their Complexities


Maxwell Gregg: Gregg’s narrative explores how villainy can stem from ambition and how it is shaped by the society in which a person lives. His white ethnicity is incidental to his actions, portraying villainy as a human flaw, not confined to any race.

Ginger Guo and Dr. Darius Alexander: These characters bring a global perspective to the Creedverse, highlighting the broader implications of the era’s technological advancements and moral dilemmas. Their complex motives and actions add layers to the narrative, showcasing that characters of color can be as nuanced and integral to the story as their white counterparts.

The Allies


Ethan Smith, Ace Feng, Selena Moreno, and Hiram Pinel: These are just a few of the characters representing different cultures and ethnicities, and they lend the Adventures of Bodacious Creed series authenticity and depth. Their unique perspectives and skills are essential in shaping the course of the story, and their interactions with other characters, including James Creed and Anna Lynn Boyd, highlight the interconnectedness of different cultures in the Creedverse.

Brotherhoods: Unity in Diversity


The Brotherhood of the Golden Cog, with members like Selena and Guillermo Moreno, and the Brotherhood of the Bold Ox, with members of several ethnicities, represent the unity in diversity that is central to the Creedverse. These organizations are not just groups of individuals but symbolize the collective strength that comes from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Their solidarity in the face of challenges underscores the narrative’s emphasis on community and cooperation.

AN AUTHOR’S Reflection


As an author, it’s been quite a journey to bringing to life a world that not only entertains but also reflects the diverse reality of our past and present. The Creedverse, with its array of characters from different ethnicities, is a testament to the power of storytelling in bridging cultural divides. I hope that this universe resonates with readers, reminding them of the strength found in diversity and the shared humanity that binds us all.

The ethnic diversity in the Creedverse is a celebration of the multifaceted nature of our society. By including characters like Selena and Guillermo Moreno alongside James Creed and Anna Lynn Boyd, the narrative becomes a rich, inclusive story that honors the diversity of the American West. It challenges conventional narratives, offering a more truthful and inclusive depiction of the era, while still presenting an alternate west with advanced technology. Through its diverse cast, the Creedverse highlights the importance of understanding and embracing our differences to create a more unified and just society.

“As someone obsessed with and who writes small-town America, if you don’t see diversity in your town, you’re not looking hard enough.” ~ Julie Murphy