This week, I’d like to share the steampunk design and artistry that defines the Creedverse. I can’t wait to tell you about the inspiration behind the unique look of my series, The Adventures of Bodacious Creed, which comes from my ongoing world-building journey.y.

Understanding Steampunk

At its core, steampunk is more than just a genre—it’s an evocative blend of history and vivid imagination. Steampunk is all about steam technology and typically takes place in Victorian England or the Wild West. Engineers are like wizards, creating cool things that are grounded in reality, but still feel magical and strange.

Steampunk Aesthetics in the Creedverse


But this is about steampunk aesthetics in the Creedverse! So, I designed the Creedverse with the steampunk retro-technology as a key component. It’s a deeply interconnected world where the essence of steampunk is tied to its narrative and characters. From the upscale, sexy atmosphere of the House of Amber Doves to the intricate machinery dotting the landscape, each element is integral to the story.

Crafting the Design Elements


In the Creedverse, the gears and gadgets aren’t just an aesthetic choice. They make up functional machinery. The bodies of automatons are made of steel and hickory for durability. Machines created by Anna Boyd use thick glass, steel, wood, and leather straps..

While writing is my craft, I enjoy creating art as well. Alas, I’m not a terrific graphic artist. I’ve found Midjourney a great help in actualizing the look of my world. I’ve been using it to illustrate my entire series bible on World Anvil, in fact, and you can check out the publicly-available articles there.

Seeing the Creedverse’s visual language embraced and celebrated by so many has been profoundly moving.

Creating the Creedverse continued to be a challenge and a joy. Using steampunk style, I created a world that blends the past with imagination. I’m grateful for the shared journey, and I anticipate the many adventures and discoveries we have ahead. Join me, and let’s keep exploring the wonders of the Creedverse together!

“I’m not going to tell you how to start a bug-powered vehicle, I’m just going to put you inside one with somebody who knows how, and send you off on a ride.” ~ Kameron Hurley