As the author of the Adventures of Bodacious Creed series and upcoming novels in my corner of the multiverse, which I call the Creedverse, I enjoy blending historical events with the world of my creation. A perfect example of this is my depiction of the hoodlum revolt of 1877 in San Francisco, a real-world event that I’ve reimagined in my short story, Siege! A Bodacious Creed Story.

The Real-World Hoodlum Revolt


In July 1877, chaos engulfed the streets of San Francisco. Originating as a labor protest by unemployed workers, the demonstration soon turned violent. Anti-Chinese sentiment was rampant, driven by economic strife and job competition. Chinese immigrants, seen as undercutting the labor market, bore the brunt of the rioters’ fury. They torched buildings and protected in the streets of Chinatown. Many were injured or killed in a city fraught with racial and economic tensions. The local police force, overwhelmed by the scale of the violence, struggled to restore order. It was only with the intervention of federal troops that the rioting finally ceased.

The Creedverse Reimagining: SIEGE! A BODACIOUS CREED STORY


In my Creedverse, this historical backdrop sets the stage for Siege! A Bodacious Creed Story. Here, the story takes a fictional twist with James Creed, a former U.S. Marshal and a central figure in my series, playing a heroic role during the first night of the riots. In my narrative, Creed, now a private investigator, takes it upon himself to protect a group of Chinese individuals, including a family in their teahouse, as well as the son of Wu Tingfeng, leader of the Wu Cai Tong, and some of Wu’s men. This element of heroism woven into the fabric of historical events adds depth and action to the story. He also protects an 11-year-old white girl who snuck out of her home to visit a young friend in Chinatown and finds herself in the middle of the siege.

Furthermore, the Creedverse introduces a steampunk elements, including several auto sapients. These advanced humanoid automatons, a signature of the Creedverse’s technological progress, participate in the conflict on both sides.

A Fusion of Fact and Fiction


The integration of historical facts with the fantastical elements of the Creedverse offers a blend of reality and imagination. I was a chance for me–and readers–to explore “what if” scenarios: what if advanced technology existed in the late 19th century? How would it have affected historical events? Through Siege! A Bodacious Creed Story, I aim to offer not just entertainment but also a deeper reflection on history, technology, and the human condition.

For those eager to dive into this fascinating intersection of history and fiction,Siege! A Bodacious Creed Story is now available to my Patreon subscribers. It’s a thrilling addition to the Creedverse, promising action, historical intrigue, and the innovative twist of steampunk technology. If you subscribe to my Patreon for $5/month, you’ll get a long story (at least 3,000 words) and at least three flash fiction pieces set in the Creedverse every month, with more coming as additional subscribers join. I’m happy to offer this fans of my novels to enjoy more of my fiction. Each story is exclusive to the Patreon for six months from when it went live!

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In the end, the story of the hoodlum revolt in both the real world and the Creedverse underscores the complexities of societal change and the enduring spirit of humanity. It’s a reminder of the power of storytelling to reshape our understanding of the past and to imagine the endless possibilities of alternate realities.

“San Francisco itself is art… Every block is a short story, every hill a novel. Every home a poem, every dweller within immortal.” ~ William Saroyan