A Facebook and Twitter friend of mine recently asked on one of her feeds, “What new hobbies have you gotten into during the pandemic?” I knew I wasn’t the only one who, not being able to go out as much, had found something new and fun to occupy my time, but I realized what a good question that was and enjoyed reading the various comments.

You may ask, “Jonathan, what is your new COVID hobby?” Well, I’ve gotten into resin 3D printing. This ticks so many of my interest buttons. I love 3D stuff. Years ago I was into 3D photography, and later creating 3D art that pops when you put on the right sort of glasses. Later, I got my MFA in Animation & Visual Effects with a focus on 3D modeling. Plus, I’m a DND and TTRPG geek and have always loved miniatures. So, being able to print my own? Bring it on!


My Newest Printer


I got my first printer last November. I won’t hash or rehash it in great detail here, but while it printed just fine, when it needed a specific replacement part, I found it impossible to install. I think the company should have replaced the entire printer instead of a couple of individual parts, seeing how difficult it was for me to fix it myself with all these small parts, tight spaces, and short cords, but they wouldn’t do that. So, I got my newest printer from a different company.

My new printer is an Elegoo Mars 2 Pro. It’s a “mono” resin printer, which, in practical terms, means that it prints about two times faster and that the screen lasts about four times longer before needing to be replaced. And yes, I researched how to replace the screen and other parts when necessary, and it looks far easier than my last printer, like something I can actually do.

I got it last Thursday, and after doing three calibration prints to help me figure out the optimal settings, I printed this.

Resin 3D Print of Bernie Sanders in Mittens

Yes, it’s a cartoon version of Bernie Sanders in mittens! Bernie took about six hours to print, and the chair another five, and I absolutely love how he came out. By the way, this model is free on Thangs.Com.

Last night and this morning I painted him as well, and here’s how he looks.

Painted Bernie Sanders with Mittens Model

One fun thing about him is that he’s separate from the chair, so I can set him on a shelf or the edge of my desk if I want. This one is actually a gift for someone, though, and I’ll be sending it soon.

I’ve shown other figures I’ve made in past posts and in the newsletter, so I think that’s what I’ll share in this post. The point is, I’ve been really enjoying this hobby.

Yes, I’m still writing! That’s my craft, though, and craft > hobby. Bodacious Creed and the Jade Lake is coming along well and I expect to have it published in the second quarter of this year.


What is your new covid hobby?


I’d really like to know, what hobby or hobbies have all of you begun during this pandemic? What is your new covid hobby?

Yes, it has been awful. Far too many people have passed away or acquired long-term problems due to the disease. It’s disrupted the economy, causing businesses to shut down. It’s kept us from loved ones and been a stressor on us all.

That’s why I suspect many of us have taken up new hobbies, to deal with that stress. The thing is, that’s actually a silver lining on this storm cloud. You may have learned a new skill or discovered an interest that you’ll continue to enjoy even after enough of us have been vaccinated to go back to life resembling the old normal.

So, tell me about your hobbies! Feel free to post below or to email me at jonathan at jonathanfesmire dot com.

“No man is really happy or safe without a hobby.” ~ William Osler


8 thoughts on “3D Printing & Other COVID-Era Hobbies

    • Yeah, it was pretty crazy. Just big changes all around. All the sickness and death has been so sad, but it seems like we’re finally actually rounding a corner. We all just need to keep following safety guidelines. The vaccines are here, so once enough of us have been immunized, things should get much better.

  1. Your Bernie is adorable! I’ve picked up crochet as my hobby. I’ve fallen in love with crocheting gnomes. Currently working on a dragon with a wizard gnome and a dragon trophy head for a friend’s 2nd anniversary.

  2. Ginger Silverman says:

    We had to cut our walnut tree down. Now I am going to make a Fairy Dwelling out of it. I am a member of FabMo and have gotten some leather 2″ x 3″ pieces. I will sew 4 pieces to make doors where the branches were. I just perched 3 Fairies that stand about 6″ tall. And i want to put a Gurgle on the top! The stump is about 3′ tall. I need to remove the ivy that is all over it. Behind it is a Ivy fence. I want to put a fake pond around the bottom.
    I also gathered 12 Lanterns and will paint them and put Stain glass in them. Stain Glass is one of my hobbies. I will hang them around our Patio!
    I am also continue to make Fascinator Hats.

    • That sounds amazing! It sounds like you’ve got a lot going on. I love the idea of taking something in nature like a tree stump and making something magical out of it. I’d love to see pictures!

  3. I’m really glad you found a positive hobby that puts your artistic skills to the test. Lately, I’ve been working on a scary story collection and playing lots of video games. Have fun with your new hobby!

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